Nash 600






Nash 600

This photo of a car called the Nash 600 is not from a movie set, but from 1988 in a rural town in the Middle East of America.
It was a trip where I, at the age of 29, followed Mr. O, who was 50 years old at the time and well known for his landscape photography, as his assistant.
Due to cheap tickets, we had to go from Itami to Haneda, then to Narita by limousine bus, and finally to Chicago via LA. On the way, the carrier of my suitcase broke down, I couldn’t find my way to Chicago for transfer and customs clearance, and when I boarded a limousine at the hotel I had reserved, I was taken to another hotel in the same line.
I took these photos with a 4×5 camera and printed them in 35mm black-and-white style.


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